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  • as3 input file or .zip with multiple files can be specified
  • class path(s) can be specified to automatically translate imported packages that are available as source
  • output is haxe code suited for compilation to html5 target (javascript), utilizing the openfl libraries to mirror Flash API functionality

More features

  • regular expression literals and -methods are supported
  • reflection, type checking and casting functionality of as3 is translated into Haxe equivalents
  • readable code is generated, obfuscation of symbol names is optional
  • preprocessor handles includes and compiler conditionals before the conversion

And even more features

  • source code is properly tokenized and parsed regardless of line breaks, indentation, comments etc.
  • original package and class structure, access rules and naming are kept intact as far as the haxe language allows
  • featues that are missing in Haxe, like „internal“ properties or „inner classes“ are emulated by suffixing symbol names
  • custom namespaces are recognized and emulated as prefixes to the symbol names
  • meta tags are kept intact in the form of annotations in Haxe code
  • private helper functions are generated per class if needed to emulate certain as3 functionality
  • API calls with syntactic differences between Actionscript/Flash and Haxe/Openfl get rearranged for similar behavior
  • Automatic element type deduction for Dictionaries and Arrays if data types of assigned elements are consistent throughout the code


  • Cannot transcript fla project files directly – you need a as3 file base
  • API support is limited by the current state of development of the openfl project
  • XML literals and referencing/accessor syntax are only sporadically supported
  • No support for native Libs (swc) without source
  • No support for loading SWF-Animations on the HTML5 site