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How it works?

FLASH 2 HTML5 is an easy to use Actionscript to Haxe Converter.

Simply drop your zipped AS3 project files or copy and paste your AS3 Code directly into FLASH 2 HTML5 and get your Haxe-Code (.hx) files instantly for further transcoding into Javascript/HTML5 Code via Openfl-Compiler.

Packed with features

  • Can convert AS3 Source code to a working HTML5 site with few to none adjustments to the code.
  • Is designed to be a part of your toolchain – directly export from one codebase to Flash (as long as you need to support it) and HTML5.
  • Can take care even of complex codebases of 1,000,000+ lines.
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Who uses


  • big game studios
  • independent game developers
  • app development agencies
  • web development agencies
  • freelancers

Grows with

your requirements

FLASH 2 HTML5 is FREE and doesn‘t overwhelm you with functions you do not need.

For heavy users, professionals, studios or agencies we offer special upgrade options fitting your needs.



Successfully proven in practice: Shakes and Fidget, one of the world´s most popular online games with more than 50 million registered players from over 30 countries, was converted from Flash to HTML5 with FLASH2HTML5!